Saturday, 22 April 2017

Planting on

Peony time again, first bloom
I love this old plant
 Inside my greenhouse
Cucumber and potatoes in raised bed
Couple of tomato plants 
 Loads of things in the sunlight
 My staging is full, with the olive bush in front
 Outside hosta coming back to life
 Loads of chives around the lemon balm pot
 My succulent tower looking good
 I got a new light box, for a dark corner, 
message it true in this house. 
It's been a busy time, Friday was an extremely busy day at work, which made a nice change.
After my pop to the hairdressers this morning, I drove to Southampton, I have two bridesmaids dresses to take up, the young ladies modeled their outfit s and I pinned the length, that's a job for tomorrow.
Lunch time we walked to the village and had lunch out, Darcy's is a busy bistro, but we always manage to find a table, we then went on to Lidl's and got our shopping, we were good and just got food, our fridge is again full.
Later I spent time in the garden, it is much sunnier and warmer than fore caste, the greenhouse was really warm. I have planted my cucumbers into the raised garden, and have put 2 tomato plants into huge pots, which for now is in the greenhouse. We are away in a couple of weeks and I am hoping the plants will settle in their new home and do better than if I left them in their tiny pots. Everywhere is looking good, I did water my garden again, I think this must be the driest April we have had in ages, we have not seen many April showers. I am also protecting plants as the weather fore caste is for it to be much colder next week. I have not planted anything out, it's much to early for that, but I do have seeds in my raised cut flower bed, I still have the plastic top over the seeds, but I have raised it up higher, I can always move it back down if necessary.
I also got the jobs for the weekend as listed in gardeners world last night, I had forgot my lavender, which is down by the greenhouse, and is now trimmed nicely.
Tomorrow I will get my sewing machine out, finish my bag (which I will use for holding some of my material stash), and take up the dresses. I also want to finish the curtains for the two small windows in the camper van, thank you for your comments before, it's an exciting time, and can't wait to get away in it.

Thursday, 20 April 2017


The colour is not very good in this photo
Another design off Pintrest, the bag is bigger than I expected. 
This is my colours
Everyone at Portchester Castle
Magnolia tree in the sunshine
After the flowers the seed forming 
Aquilegia, flowers just starting to form. 
It's been a busy few days, we had a lovely Easter long weekend, on Sunday our friends from Spain, Izzy and her daughters Alba and Paula arrived for a few days.
Saturday was a morning at home, in the afternoon, I helped a neighbour cut out a large square cushion cover, we then stitched it together, Marie had not made such a large project before, the fabric had a square design on so we were careful to ensure the lines matched. I hope to be able to do another cushion with Marie next week, she has four to make, the hope is by the last cushion, she will be able to do it herself.
Sunday we traveled to Stanstead airport to collect our guests, of all the London airports it is the longest journey from our house, we were lucky the M25 was kind and we have almost no delays. Sunday evening was home catching up with everyone.
Monday I did some sewing in the morning, in the afternoon we went to Hobby craft and Haskin's garden center, Alba and Paula loved all the craft items.
Tuesday I had to work, but hubby took our friends to Portsmouth and they went up the Spinnaker Tower and did some shopping.
Wednesday we went to the castle, which the girls loved, we then went up Portsdown hill to above the city, another fantastic place to view the whole of the city, The Solent and Isle of Wight. It was cold and breezy, but dry, the girls took some wonderful photo's. It was lovely to look at our local area through eyes of young girls who have never been to England before, simple things like a thatched cottage, which we have walked by many times, became an interesting subject. Yesterday Su also brought baby Will over, so later loads of lovely cuddles.
I worked with Alba, who is 12 and loves sewing, together with me instructing and Alba cutting out and sewing we made the top bag, I did some work on my bag, to show Alba the finish we could achieve, all I now need to do is finish it off, about an hours work.

Friday, 14 April 2017


Today we sorted our camper van, 
it's huge as 6'2" hubby can stand up in it. 
 At the very back, this area converts into a double bed.
The blind at the back covers the back doors which we will not use. 
 Lovely kitchen area, with a good under counter fridge
 Looking forward to the side door, more seating
which can be pulled out for a single bed.
 Shower room, with portaloo
 Nice corner basin unit
This morning we started on the van, it was filthy and took loads of soapy hot water to clean everywhere. We were very pleased there was no signs of damp, the van was completely dry.
I started at the back and worked forward, I cleared all the storage area's, the previous owner left loads of stuff we would not use. Now everywhere is looking bright, clean and ready for use.
I am not a fan of red, but the cushion covers are well made and in good condition, so I decided to add blue to tone the decor down, our two throws are tucked around the cushions, the black and white curtains will be replaced, I have to sew the new ones, the lovely curtain at the front of the van has a blue leaf in and will go well, my sister gifted me the curtains.
I gave the shower room a good scrub, we do not intend to use the shower, and will use it as a toilet, I added a new shower curtain, just to add colour to the room.
We were pleased the fridge was working and clean, the microwave we threw away, it was beyond a clean, we will purchase a new one along with a new battery charger for the leisure battery.
All the kitchen ware, towels, sleeping bags all fit in well, I will make a few holders out of denim for the glasses and dinner service, I have loads of different shade of blue jeans to cut up.
We were able to store the awning, inner tent and other items under the single bed bench, all handy to get at, but out of our way.
We are both excited and looking forward to our first trip away, we hope to get away next month.
Su and David came later afternoon with Will, we enjoyed a meal together, and loads of lovely baby cuddles.
Now I am tired, we will have an early night, so tomorrow, I can clean the house before our Spanish visitors arrive on Sunday.


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