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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Creating my blog book

I have my blog diary books, I love looking at them
 Every post since I started this blog
I have been working on my 2016 book, earlier in the year I was not sure if I would finish this book.
I always publish with a company called Blurb, when I produced my 1st book in 2012, I researched all printers on line, Blurb I felt was the best for me. Now I use them so all the books look the same.
For each book I was able to import all my words and photo's in one action, which I then had to edit to a page per post, thus keeping the books to between 130 and 160 pages and keeping the cost down.
I never pay full price for my books, they would cost about £100, I always wait until they send me 60% off, which allow me to use nice glossy paper, making the feel of the book good.
Last year Blurb changed and stopped the importing from blogs, which stopped me, as to add each post I thought would be too much.
I have started adding each post by hand, I copy all the words and drop them into the page text box, I then have to copy each picture to my desktop and then import through the function on blurb. When I edit I can leave my words in one box, or as shown below spread the word boxes over the page. The import is really done quite quickly, I have found a routine which works for me.
The whole process is not much more work than before and doing the process post by post, I am finding less stressful. I sort and finish each page before starting the next.
 Using the template as seen above, 
I can tidy and sort each photo and my words to make the page look neat.
Using photo boxes and text boxes, adjusting their size to suit.
you can have as few or as many as you require on each page. 
My first book was hard work, but the more I create the easier it gets, I understand how Blurb works, and I love the template with all the grids, I do like things to be neat and in straight lines.
2016 will be completed and waiting for any discounts due, I am not in a hurry to print, and the details sit waiting for me to press the publish button.
I have made a couple of other books, I had a dolls house and a blog to go with it, when I got rid of my house I created this book to remind me of all I achieved.  
 After our daughter got married 
I printed a wedding book for us, much cheaper than through the photographer. 
I have used other companies, we made a photo book for Logan for his first holiday with us and without mummy and daddy, which due to the cost (much cheaper), not as nice as my books. We used Photbucket on a Groupon deal. 
We tried to make our girls a childhood book each, but our photo's were poor quality,  typical 80's and 90's standard.
I did another post here, back in 2012, shows my 1st book I made, it shows more pages of the completed book.

Have you printed any books ?

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Getting back to normal

One lonely rose from the garden
 My Orchid still doing very well
These are so cost effective, the blooms last for a couple of months.
 Hubby being soppy on holiday
he's a romantic at heart
 Almost me, on holiday
The above, 2 cot sheets, baby towel, pack of 5 muslin squares and a nice bib, just £7.50 from the local Co-op, the cot sheets are for daughter, with winter coming the extra 2 will help. The other items are for our house, Will already has the same bib for use at his home, we keep nappies and wipes here as well, saves bringing loads when Will comes for a visit. We also got loads of reduced food stuff for the coming week, nice way to start shopping.
Hubby got a good deal on renewing our house and contents insurance, our policy is due to go up by £42, hubby went on line, found the cheapest for us without loosing any benefits, it was with Halifax, who are our providers, so on the phone they matched the new policy and we got a £50 cash back (due in January) and saved £20 on last years prices.
It a cool sunny day here, but I am inside, a huge pile of ironing needs to be sorted. Later Will is coming for a visit, whilst mummy visits the dentist, we have missed not seeing him each day.
My garden and greenhouse was OK whilst we were away. We have a tree surgeon coming on Monday, and with the weekend fore caste being good, I hope to tidy my garden, move plants into the greenhouse and plants spring plants and bulbs, which I already have, so no extra spend.

Monday, 18 September 2017

France in photo's

Our accommodation looked like a starter home on a small estate
a 2 bedroom house, perfect for the 5 of us. 
The site was not too big, had pools inside and out.
Just 10 minutes walk to the shore. 
 In the edge of a small old town St Pol de Leon
 Trip to Morlaix
 This structure dominated the sky line
Perfect place for lunch
 Stunning inside
 Lovely old churches
 Various sea views along the coast

Most mornings we went swimming with mummy, daddy and Will, 
Will loves being in the water, and was a joy to watch.
We did not go out every day, the holiday was to relax, we visited one local food market at Roscof, the fruit and veg, plus sea food was so fresh.
As you can see the weather was mixed, the rain was light and almost always gone by lunch time.
We had a couple of evening meals out, the second being in Roscof in a seafood restaurant, I had a seafood salad, which has to be the best fish dish I have had in ages, everything was so fresh.
Very little shopping, we have stocked up on wines for the coming Christmas period, we brought loads of euro's home, which we can use when we are in Spain in November.


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