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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Another 1st birthday.

Who loves Peter Rabbit
 William chooses today to show off his walking skills
 Cousins come to party, our Somerset boys
 Happy family
We are totally shattered, yesterday was all about a birthday party, loads of lovely children, a huge soft play area, and cake.  The party only lasted 2 hours which was enough time to play and make new friends, and eat, all the food except the cake was home made. It was lovely to see all the tiny children sat at long tables eating together, and at that point it was so quiet.
After the party we were back at Will's house, great time seeing the cousins play together, then back to ours for Pizza, mummy and daddy drove two tired boys, Logan and Finn back to Somerset last night, the lucky boys slept all the way home.
My sister Leanna is now back at her home in Somerset, we spent the afternoon with Will again, he loved his WigWam, and went straight inside, both cushions we popped in front of the two poles at the back, he also took his blue crochet blanket and another hand made blanket and snuggled down.
I have loads of catching up on reading post, then a lazy evening together, but please no more cake.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Going Grey,

Three new titles
 This is really random, no design in my head
 When I have had enough of the grey, I add the pink mixture
 We were out early so we brought cakes for our coffee at home.
Fake Friends by Jane Fallon, was a brilliant book, I could not put it down, I just wanted to know what happens next all through the book, I will looks for more titles from this author. I am fully back into reading again, thank goodness I don't have to go to work, gives me plenty of time.
Yesterday I had lunch with an old work friend, Linda and I sat next to each other giggling most of the day, work can be great fun with the right people. We caught up with our Christmas news, our Children and their children, it's nice to have time to chat.
The reading wigwam has just one small job to complete, which I will do later, after I have given it to Will, I will do a post on it, once started it was quite easy to make, I kept it simple as my daughter does not like anything too fussy, I also made two cushions for inside, I can't wait to see Will in it.
Hubby made sausage rolls and my cheese straws are in the fridge made and will be baked tonight. So everything is ready for his party tomorrow and his birthday on Sunday.
This afternoon we are going to see Black Panther, in our local cinema, which is the cheapest of all the local places, we are using the over 60's discount, we will not take or buy sweets, so even having to pay for parking it's still a cheap afternoon.
Later my sister and her partner Alan arrives for the weekend, so our small house is going to be busy.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Multi tasking

We swapped cards this morning, no gifts
tonight we have a nice meal planned, and an evening in together. 
 I'm reading again
Then She Was Gone, was a very good story,  most of the time you can work out what is coming, the ending was believable. 
Just starting Faking Friends
 I'm playing, I have no designs, just two different yarns, I want it for an everyday use, so I am liking the dark colours. 
 My day
We popped to Lidl and restocked our freezer, ensuring all the larger packs of meat have been separated into portions for two, which generally make our meal with a leftover portion. We also popped to a local shop, Cook, they have ready prepared meals using whole foods, we got 6 of their perfect individual pies, 3 each for hubby and I in flavours we love, these pies are uncooked and frozen, we can cook them from frozen, a nice treat in our freezer, we also got a beef wellington for tonight. We then popped to our local butchers for sausage meat for sausage rolls for Will's birthday tea, we got a few different flavour sausages for our freezer.
Hubby will make the sausage rolls, I am making cheese straws and Quiche, all for Saturday's party, we are having a baking morning on Friday. 
Today I aim to finish Will's gifts, I have a couple of cushion inner's to make, I purchase pillows and cut them down for cushion pads, I can make the cushion any size and ensure the pad is full and soft. I would like to make some bunting using off cuts of the quilt material, but I'm not sure daughter would use them. So I am home alone with my sewing machine, it's cold and dull outside, so no plans to be outside.


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